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CPOTS 2011 Teachers

Deadline: all course material must be ready in preliminary form for review by May 15, 2011.

General Information

  • Teachers of the IP partner institutions are financially subsidized according to IP travel and subsistence cost rules.
  • Minimum suggested stay at an Erasmus IP including travel both ways: 5 days.
  • Minimum suggested lecturing hours at an Erasmus IP: 5 hours.

IP travel and subsistence costs for Greece 2010-2011 (applies only to teachers from IP partner institutions).

Travel: 75% of the actual cost for economy or charter flight.

Subsistence: 153 euros/day, 1071 euros/1 week, 1254.43 euros/10 days, 1499 euros/2 weeks and 1523.43 euros/15 days

More information on costs can be found at the link Subsistence & Travel > Support

Special Housing Arrangements

It is quite common for IPs to have students (and teachers if they so elect) stay at the same prearranged apartment hotel for a better price. Students usually stay two, three or even four together in an apartment with cooking amenities to further reduce expenses. In this case, the project coordinator pays directly to the hotel thus avoiding delays of individual compensations.

Arrangements for such a scenario are under negotiations with apartment hotels in Ammoudara, about 5km from the Physics Dept. of the Univ. of Crete and close to the beach. Unfortunately public transport from Ammoudara to the university requires two bus changes, takes about an hour and costs about 3 euros. Thus, it is suggested that classes be accessed either by private car rental (see below) or taxi shared amongst 4 participants at a total price of about 8 euros.

Car rental

Previous IP experience has shown that car rental shared amongst the students can be particularly beneficial both for going back and forth to the lectures on a daily basis, but also for exploring the island over the weekends.

We therefore highly endorse this idea and will help with its implementation. Special car rental deals can be arranged through the CPOTS IP. Interested students should contact the project coordinator by e-mail.

Suggested hotels in Ammoudara

Suggested hotels in downtown Heraklion

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