Charged Particl Optics: Theory and Simulation
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Student participants: CPOTS 2011

a) Student participants are listed alphabetically
b) University of Crete students as LOCALs do not qualify for any type of support according to IP rules.
  Accepted Students   Study   Drive
  Last Name First Name Institution Status ECTS


Hobbies/Interests Gender
1 Bozkurt Gulin AKU BS3 X X tabletennis F gulin_bozkurt@hotmail.com
2 Çaylalı Hulusi AKU MS X X gym, football, running, dancing M hulusi_caylali017@hotmail.com  
3 Cürebal Resul AKU BS3 X No mountaineering, horseback M rcurebal@gmail.com  
4 Demirci Hakan SU BS3 X X cinema, theatre, tabletennis, basketball M river_perfect@hotmail.com  
5 Dimitriou Tasos UoI PhD X X sports, travel, airplane modelling M tasosdimitriu@yahoo.gr  
6 Dobes Katharina TUW PhD X X volleyball, cooking, movies, travelling F dobes@iap.tuwien.ac.at
7 Foteas Andreas UoC BS6 X X martial arts, mountaineering M morfeas333@yahoo.gr  
8 Garcés López Maria Pilar UCM MS NO X cinema, music, aerobic F pilargarcs@gmail.com  
9 Gennarakis Ioannis UoC BS4 X X Tennis, Golf, Swim, Cycle, Run M gennarakis@gmail.com  
10 Giannakopoulos Angelos UoC MS X X Sailing, photography M giannak@physics.uoc.gr  
11 Gruber Elisabeth TUW MS X No piano, organ, recorder F elisabeth_gruber16@yahoo.de  
12 Koulouklidis Tasos UoI PhD X X soccer, swim, horseback riding M tasoskoul@msn.com
13 Mattheakis Marios UoC MS X X mantolin, drums, popularized physics books M mariosmat@physics.uoc.gr
14 Naderer Paulus TUW MS X X saxophone M naderer@iap.tuwien.ac.at  
15 Olgaç Fatima AKU MS X X Swim F fatima_olgac@hotmail.com
16 Ozler Onder AKU BS3 X No handball, tabletennis M onder.ozler@hotmail.com  
17 Perez Muñoz Victor Manuel UCM BS X X cycling, hiking, read and write books M victorman96@gmail.com  
18 Willensdorfer Matthias TUW PhD X X Aikido, climbing, ski, tennis, piano M willensdorfer@iap.tuwien.ac.at  
19 Yilmaz Alic Tuğbahan SU MS X X paint, cinema, tennis, basketball, travel F tgbhn.ylmz@gmail.com  
1 Andrianis Miltos Demokritos
RS - X Guitar and accordion M mandrian@inp.demokritos.gr  
2 Axiotis Mihalis INP Demokritos RS - X Cinema, cycling, swim, wild life rehab M axiotis@inp.demokritos.gr  

       BSn=Bachelor of Science n-th year, MS=Master of Science, PhD=Doctor of Philosophy, RS=Research Scientist

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